10/05/2024 - News

Online webinar, Prof. Jo Dewulf speaker – 20 June 2024

Contribution to inaccessibility as resource impact method: A base for sustainable resource management along the life cycle

Professor Jo Dewulf (Ghent University) will give an online lecture about sustainable resource management of metals, starting 7 pm on the next 20 June.

To manage metals sustainably, the impact in LCA has been characterized for more than 20 years by ‘depletion’ in the natural environment since the introduction of the Abiotic Depletion Potential. These methods have been questioned severely because of various reasons. Accessibility or resource dissipation is the novel concept to new methods. Starting from this concept, a novel method is presented that quantifies the impact of human activities that compromise the accessibility to the instrumental value of resources, based on the time required to get the instrumental value of resources. Based on accessibility factors, the method provides value-based characterization factors for 45 resources as a Contribution To Inaccessibility – Life Cycle Impact Assessment (CTI-LCIA) method, pointing to and quantifying hotspots along the life cycle, e.g. inaccessibility generation by storing in landfills and tailings deposits, but also to process efficiencies and the value of circular economy strategies. A case study on four resources in a battery case study illustrates the method.

Join the webinar by registering at this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_T-AdITQFT0KXIEdav9Rz5w#/registration