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The 12th Italian LCA Network Conference



Life Cycle Thinking in decision-making for sustainability: from public policies to private businesses

University of Messina, Department of Economics, Messina (Italy)

11-12 June 2018

 Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) is rapidly emerging as an essential approach for both private and public sectors. Indeed, life-cycle information is nowadays considered crucial to guide policy decisions and business strategies in many contexts.

Policy makers have to promote sustainable consumption and production strategies to respond to national and international environmental challenges, by gathering baseline and future-oriented environmental impact information for market-oriented policies and developing strategies for resource efficiency and eco-design.

Private businesses have to improve efficiency to boost margins and competitiveness, while contributing to sustainability. Thus, LCT and product sustainability are operational to reduce their environmental and socio-economic burdens, while maximizing economic and social value.

The aim of the 12th Conference of the Italian LCA network is to discuss about the role of the LCT approach as a decision-making aid in the definition of strategies for sustainability, thus supporting both public and private businesses in making more informed decisions. Benefits will be: (i) better policies with clear environmental and social objectives, (ii) more sustainable business strategies, (iii) environmentally friendly product design, and (iv) improved life quality driven choice.

Papers contributing to new approaches, methods and case study applications, in order to assess developments, current policy progress and pathways toward sustainability, are welcome.

Authors are invited to submit papers that deal with the following topics:

  • Life Cycle Thinking methods and tools in public policies: experiences, limitations and perspectives
  • Life Cycle Thinking methods and tools in private businesses: experiences, limitations and perspectives
  • Life Cycle Thinking and Circular Economy: policies and practices
  • Life Cycle Thinking and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Methodological developments of LCA, LCC, S-LCA and integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

The Conference will be fully held in English. Proceedings will be published in a book with ISBN.


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