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Interdisciplinary PhD expert course for young researchers

Sustainability Assessments for the Low-Carbon Economy

Hasselt, Belgium
May 30 to June 1, 2017

Hasselt University, Antwerp University, and KU Leuven are jointly organizing the first Belgian interdisciplinary PhD expert course on the state of the art in Techno-Economic-Assessment (TEA), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and Integrated Assessments (IA).

The European Union has set up a roadmap towards a low-carbon economy, in which – by 2050 – greenhouse gas emissions should be 80% below year 1990 levels. In order to achieve this, all sectors should contribute by means of cost-effective mitigation options. Consequently, there is a strong need to develop and apply methods that deal with the environmental, economic and overall societal effects of different mitigation options or mitigation systems.
To meet this demand, we organize a PhD expert course on the state-of-the-art in Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). TEA is a quantitative evaluation method which allows both technical and economic optimization to be performed simultaneously. LCA is a standardized, quantitative method which is used to assess the environmental impact(s) of products over their full life cycle. We will also discuss the state-of-the art in the integration of economic and environmental metrics, which allows for more holistic assessments.
These assessment tools have a multitude of useful applications in different disciplines (e.g. engineering, science and economics). However, interchange between these different disciplines with regard to tool usage and tool development is currently limited. As such, the course intends to both deepen discipline-specific skills as well as to build inter-disciplinary skills.
Target Audience
Young researchers (PhD students or first-year postdocs) working on TEA, LCA or integrated analyses with regard to any topic of the low-carbon economy (e.g. alternative energy, energy efficiency, transportation, biochemicals and biomaterials) are invited to apply to participate to the course by submitting an extended abstract of 1500 words (not including references and appendices) and a brief CV to sebastien.lizin@uhasselt.be by March 1, 2017. The abstract should be submitted in Calibri 11 with 1.5 spacing. Participation to this course is equivalent to gaining 1 ECTS credit if the course is recognized by your institution.
Format and preliminary program
The PhD expert course is a three-day event with keynote speakers, followed by methodological introduction sessions, and paper presentation sessions with discussants from the pool of participants and senior researchers providing feedback to ensure active participation and learning.

Please click here to download the program

Hasselt University, City Campus, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt. 

Accommodation options

Accommodations within walking distance (≤1.5km) of the venue and the train station located in the center of Hasselt are the following: - Hostel H (approximately 30€/pp/night) - Yup Hotel Hasselt*** (approximately 50€/pp/night) - Holiday Inn Express Hasselt*** (approximately 80€/pp/night) - Holiday Inn Hasselt**** (approximately 100€/pp/night) - Radisson Blu Hasselt**** (approximately 100€/pp/night) 

Venue Date: May 30 to June 1, 2017 
Submission deadline for extended abstract and CV submission: March 1, 2017 
Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2017 
Participation is free of charge and includes coffee breaks, lunches, a welcome reception, and a social dinner!