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ENEA at the forefront to promote resource efficiency in Central Europe

ENEA is partner of the PRESOURCE project to promote a more responsible use of natural resources and implement actions leading to increased resource productivity in Central Europe

The “Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-Design” Laboratory (“Models, Methods and Technologies for the Environmental Assessment” Technical Unit) is one of the partner of the European project “PRESOURCE – Promotion of resource efficiency in SMEs in Central Europe”.

The project, that will end in November 2014, is funded by the Central Europe programme (European Regional Development Fund). PRESOURCE is coordinated by the German Federal Environment Agency and involves, besides ENEA, seven partners from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

Main outputs of the project will be:
1. the “EDIT Value” tool (Eco-innovation Diagnosis and Implementation Tool for Increasing the Enterprise
Value) that will enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to increase their resource efficiency and thus to increase their competitiveness. The tool will be tested in SMEs in the partner countries and training courses will be organized for intermediaries (service centres, consultants, ...) interested in using it;
2. a Financial Guideline and a Cost Benefit Analysis tool that will translate the added value of resource efficiency into the “speak” of the financial sector and make the competitive advantages of investments in resource efficiency visible;
3. a Competence Platform, that will be available on-line and will provide policy makers and other stakeholders with data, information and good practice examples on resource efficiency in Central

More information is available at www.presource.eu

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